Located in downtown Bend between the Galveston and Newport Bridges, Mirror Pond has been an identifying feature of the City of Bend since the early 1900’s when a dam built by the Bend Water, Light and Power Company caused the river to widen as it wound its way past Harmon, Pageant, Drake, and Brooks parks and residential properties.

When the Brooks-Scanlon and Shevlin- Hixon mills were still in operation they routinely dredged their mill ponds on the Deschutes to remove silt. Since the closing of the mills and the removal of their logging ponds up-stream from Mirror Pond sediment has been able to move downstream and collect in the shallow, slack water portions of the pond. In 1984 the silt was removed (dredged) to reduce plant growth, improve water flow, and maintain the views of the pond like the one shown above. Since 1984 silt has once again collected throughout Mirror Pond. Dredging alone will not prevent silt from continuing to build up in Mirror Pond to a point where dredging will need to be repeated.

Today’s regulatory environment, which exists to protect water quality and habitat, increases the complexity of dredging activities. It is likely any new dredging would need to be repeated in the future in the absence of a long-term solution to the build-up of silt. It is the goal of the City Council appointed Mirror Pond Management Board to find a solution that reduces or eliminates the frequency of dredging.

Mirror Pond Issues Summary - a summary of the major issues surrounding Mirror Pond


Mirror Pond Project

On behalf of the Mirror Pond Ad Hoc Committee, Steering Committee and Management Board